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There are so many SEO software out there, what makes Magic Submitter the Best Seo Software? The answer to this is extremely simple…

What can you do with Magic Submitter? Everything! Check it out…

– Submit to over 20 platforms such as article directories, blog platforms, blog commenting, press release sites, bookmarking, and VIDEO. Magic submitter is the TOP SEO Software (and ONLY) that is able to submit to video sites unlike ALL the other competitors.

– Automatic account creation, profile filling, email verification, and even campaign setup as I showed in the video!

– Add your own sites within a few clicks. I have added over 1k sites in under 30 minutes and it was SUPER simple.

– Scrapebox style feature included for scraping lists of sites along with a proxy harvester
– much more, and if you want to see it in action click the link below!

Overall, this is the only SEO Ranking Software that can accomplish EVERYTHING all in one, and the best part is the price. SENuke is nearly 2.5x as much as Magic Submitter, and MS can submit to video sites and accomplish more as well.

I hope you see the power Magic Submitter, hands down the Best Seo Software on the market. If you are looking for the best SEO Ranking Software for the money then click the link below to get started for !

Best Seo Software
Top Seo Software
SEO Ranking Software

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